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Cube Design Monthly's Interior Design Winners!
Hello Explorers!

We had some great submissions by truly inspired interior decorators. First, let’s start with the winner of the community vote: Ertosi!

Here is what Ertosi wrote for his submission:

Welcome to the Lava Throne! All are welcome in these lands, so make yourself at home. The Royal Gallery lines the sides of the upper floors where art taken from various ruins is dis[...]

Cube Design Montly's Interior Design Community Vote
Hello Explorers!

Thank you for all of your submissions for our Interior Design event. There were some truly outstanding submissions, and we would like to share some of them with you to vote on! The community vote winner will be announced alongside our picks on Friday, 5/25. You can submit your votes here




PixARK Update 5/24 - Patch Notes
Version 1.16

5/24/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Greetings Explorers! With this patch, we’re adding a few new creatures to enhance gameplay, as well as optimizing some of the mechanics already in game. We’d like to thank you for your continued feedback during PixARK’s Early Access!

Added Polish localization.

New Additions
Added new creature, Thorny Lizard, to desert creatur[...]