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RaptorCraft PVE - (v1.16)

Game Mode: PvE
IP Address:
Claim Port: 27026
Rank: 50
Country: US
Status: Online
Map: CubeWorld_Light
Server Owner: XShortbusX
Avg. Players(24hrs): 1
First Seen: April 29, 2018
Last Tracked: 1 second ago
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Server Description

Raptorcraft PVE ◇ Mature Adult Run ◇ Whitelisted Server ◇ All Biomes ◇ 3X Xp ◇ NYC USA

I am looking for a few players interested in building a fun, friendly server.

I am an older player in my 40s so no BS will be tolerated. Simply looking for friendly people that can follow these simple set of rules below.

If interested comment below, tell a little about why you think this would be a good server for you.

Grass and Water blocks available to decorate around your base.(Ask me when im online)


• Must join our discord channel for news and rule updates :
Discord :

• Keep the server looking as nice as possible to avoid map resets. Understand that it is everyones responsibility  to keep the map  active for a long time. NOBODY likes map resets!!

• No griefing/harassing/trolling/or stealing.

• Build base atleast 50 blocks from other players unless you have that players permission.

• When possible harvest resources from underground. Keep the surface looking fresh.

• Dont stockpile dungeon non respawning items (statues, torches). In other words, dont take everything.

• No intentional killings by picking people up and dropping them.

• No tame interruptions

• This is a PVE server, no Raiding allowed.

• Do not fight over loot drops. First person there claims it. That being said, rushing to every supply drop to loot it is also not allowed.

• Do NOT leave random structures laying around the world.

• If you make a large taming pen PLEASE limit to 1 per tribe.

• Don't block paths, caves or obelisks. This includes building bases there. You can, however, build structural bridges and such as long as it doesn't despawn the caves. Some caves are just too dangerous unless you do so.

• You can not reserve an area with foundations or pillars. If you're gonna build there, build there. But don't throw down a bunch of stuff to reserve it. 

••• These are simple to understand and easy to follow. Failure to follow them will get you removed from the whitelist. •••

Thanks and have a great day.